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Development and

implementation of

blockchain technology

Our projects

Development and

implementation of

blockchain technology

Our projects


Xurux Solution works on different parts of projects of varying sizes. We can scale up to multiple projects of 35 people. We also help companies by training their own people and in this way increasing their own capacity and developing projects in collaboration with their own people.



Protect the nature of Costa Rica with registered ownership of rainforest by [...]



Tradle Tradle is the only structural solution for a great ‘Know Your Customer’ [...]


Project LOGDAT

Project LOGDAT Xurux investigates the feasibility of LOGDAT, a system that log [...]



Recheck Recheck gives products a digital identity, recorded in the Ethereum bl [...]

Blockchain implementation

We apply existing blockchain solutions within new projects. Xurux Solutions is implementation partner of various ready-made solutions. If desired, these solutions can be used within any suitable project and can be fitted without problems. In this way we can offer much-needed solutions in an efficient and cost-saving way.

Own projects

With its own projects, Xurux Solutions explores the possibilities of blockchain technology. To innovate you have to learn, try, fall and get up again. By developing applications and applications ourselves using this new technology, we generate experiences and insights that we use to guide and support our customers. This will shorten the learning curve of our clients that we advise or where our specialists help with the implementation.