Project Description

ICT IJsselgemeenten is leading the way in digitization with the use of Blockchain

Start pilot project

ICT IJsselgemeenten is an ICT organization that manages all ICT facilities for the Social Affairs of the GR IJsselgemeenten, the municipality of Capelle aan de IJssel, the municipality of Krimpen aan de IJssel, and the Ingenieurs Bureau Krimpenerwaard. The municipality, in collaboration with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Social Affairs department of the IJsselgemeenten Joint Convention, Capgemini, and Xurux, carried out research into the advantages that Blockchain technology can offer for the Social Affairs department. This has resulted in a pilot project, project ‘Special Welfare Blockchain, 3B’. The result of this project is a working application based on blockchain technology that will be used by the municipality.

Municipality adopts new techniques

In addition to regular management activities, the ICT organization is also heavily involved in innovation. ICT IJssel municipalities wants to lead the adoption of new technology to make processes more efficient, to remain relevant to its employees and to gain knowledge of new techniques.

There is a strong desire for further digitization from the Social Affairs department. In 2017, this resulted in a study into the possibilities and advantages of blockchain technology for the organization. Contact has been made with various organizations and initiatives in the Netherlands to gather sufficient input for research. The Social Affairs department looked at which processes could be improved with blockchain.

Personal responsibility in welfare

The aim of the project was to learn what possibilities there are and to ensure that clients and/or partners of Social Affairs themselves can take their responsibility during various processes. Facilitating the process with as few human actions as possible was one of the most important starting points.

Project ‘Special Welfare Blockchain’

The development of a tailor-made application required a new approach in which several parties’ expertise is required. Parties with whom the IJssel municipalities have collaborated with are Capgemini & Xurux.

Capgemini brings knowledge of the processes and supports by looking at the choices, particularly in the area of new legislation such as the GDPR. Xurux develops the architecture and the blockchain. GR IJsselgemeenten facilitates the entire project, is the client, and provides a person who supervises the assignment from the GR (the product owner). Both Xurux and Capgemini have extensive experience in similar projects at municipalities where blockchain technology is used.