Project Description

Xurux is investigating the feasibility of LOGDAT, a system that logs consultations, additions, and changes in data that concern citizens and businesses on the blockchain.

It concerns the data that is managed by government agencies. Citizens and companies can, by means of a, to be developed, website and app, look at the blockchain and see what has been consulted, added, or changed concerning data about them. The use of a blockchain offers the advantage that a very reliable history of all consultations and changes is kept and the citizens/companies get more trust in their government. Citizens and companies can use LOGDAT to see if their data is correct. Appending and correcting can be done via the appropriate channels.

The implementation of such a project involves implications in areas such as acceptance, technology, security, legislation and regulations, affordability, data flows, and processes. The feasibility study will be completed in the first half of 2018.