Project Description

With the help of donors and participants, Oasebos buys threatened jungle that houses rare species of flora or fauna. They do this in places where nature can protected cheap and sustainable. Afterwards, they are made into permanent reservation in collaboration with local authorities and rangers.

The result is that logging, deforestation, and other negative influences are prevented in these areas. This leads to almond palm trees, where the endangered soldier’s ape depends on for food and nesting possibilities, no longer being cut. That the jaguar can continue to cross the corridor from north to south and that the manatee can safely swim around in the marshes.

To give donors the assurance that their investment is actually used for what it is meant for, Xurux Solutions is developing a blockchain solution that allocates pieces of purchased rain-forest to donors. This allocation is placed in the blockchain so that they can always prove that their investment is of value.