Project Description

Content distribution with IPFS and blockchain.

The distribution of revenues in the content industry is not always fair. The content provider plays a central role in the ecosystem with their platform and thus has a dominant position. When the number of consumers grows, they get the subscription fee. At the same time, they do not contribute to the investments needed to the underlying infrastructure required by the increased pressure on the network. In addition, they also determine what the content creator deserves for its production.

Content distribution with blockchain

Xurux has proven with a Proof of Concept that content distributed through IPFS can eliminate absolute power from the provider. We made a test set in which we defined four roles:

  • Content Creator
  • Content Provider
  • Content Distributor
  • Consumer

In this model, the content creator is a participant in the network. He uploads his content via IPFS and makes it available to the network. Ownership of the content is immediately registered on the network. On the platform, the creator can indicate who is allowed to earn something from the content, for example the editor, the actors or himself. When a movie or music piece is played, the calculation and distribution of the proceeds takes place immediately. This is by means of a smart contract on the blockchain. If the roles and merits are defined, the content is free on the network and can be distributed and consumed by all participants in the network. Each consumer can have a copy of the content and distribute it further. The smart contract on the blockchain ensures that the revenues always end up with the rightholders.

The test setup consists of a suitcase with a built-in display on which we show the four reels. An LED strip between the four reels shows the data streams. In addition, insight is also given in the ownership and the settlement via the blockchain.

The new model takes absolute power away from the content provider. This is not to say that there is no role for this in this model. You can think of maintain and develop the software, a task that is already at the content provider.

With this new way of content distribution, merits are distributed to content more honestly among all stakeholders.