Blockchain Consortia

as a Service

With Xurux IO, you create your own blockchain with a few clicks or you can easily join an existing consortium.

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This is Xurux IO

Consortia Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain consortium

In 4 easy steps

Do not waste time, we’ve already set it up for you.


Private blockchain


The most reliable blockchain in Europe.


Get started right away

with the toolbox

Secure messaging, chatbots, data storage,
and all European authentication tools.

Blockchain consortia as a service

Discover Xurux IO

A consortium blockchain in 4 steps

Xurux IO is your access to blockchain. The tool to set up your own blockchain with your partners. Go to work with the included toolbox, or build your own applications.

  1. Sign up
  2. Login
  3. Start blockchain
  4. Invite partners


Start immediately using the toolbox


Identify your relationship with the authentication tools you have chosen.

Secure Messenger

Communicate with your relationship in a way that they know, but safer and privacy proof.


Structure your conversations as the basis for a binding agreement.

Data storage

Save your important documents and appointments in a secure environment.