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Blockchain Consortia
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A starterskit by Xurux

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This is Xurux.IO

Create your own consortium blockchain with our plug and play solution, or use a highly secured existing one. We provide the service to hook on in only a couple of clicks. Xurux.IO offers a new way of innovation by combining blockchain with international authentication standards, secure messaging, personal data management and chatbot technology.

Plug and Play blockchain consortia

Install a brand new blockchain consortium or join an existing one in just a couple of clicks


Always know with whom you’re dealing with in a digital world by the integrated international authentication standards to validate the recipient

Secure communication

Use secure messaging to validate the communication process that is fully privacy proof


Structure your conversations to reach legally binding contracts and agreements


The chat can be removed by using the right to be forgotten functionality

Personal Data Management

Transport your contracts to the customers personal data environment for save storage

Blockchain of your choice

Store the digital fingerprint of your conversation, agreement or contract on the consortium blockchain of your choice

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