About Xurux

Fascination for technologies with impact

Xurux originated from a fascination for technologies with impact. Xuruxi are curious and have knowledge of technologies with the potential to drastically change the world. By reading, learning, and experimenting, we are able to oversee, combine, and apply them. We think it is important to have fun with each other. No Madam or Sir, but hey and good morning. And a deal is a deal. Certainly, in this new world, which is all about collaboration and equality, it is above all, professional.

The Xurux brand

Nothing in the world is designed as perfect as nature itself. Built according to fixed patterns and mathematical formulas, every living being is an indispensable part of the earth. The golden ratio is a deeply thought-out mathematical formula on which all life on earth is based.
The same reliability can be found in blockchain technology, which makes the golden ratio of Fibonacci a wonderful metaphor for reliability, development, and evolution.