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Blockchain is seen as technology with impact. It has the promise to disrupt, change, and improve business models. This course teaches you the basics of what blockchain is, how it works, and what the possibilities are for people and organizations.

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After the training, you are familiar with the characteristics of blockchain. You know the differences between various blockchains and know the diversity of possibilities. Based on this you can make an initial evaluation within your own organization.

For anyone who wants an in-depth look at general lectures and blogs. For (senior) management, business developers/analysts, innovation managers, and consultants. A technical background or knowledge is not required. The nature of the training is “understandable technical”.

During an intensive day we will go into:

  • How a blockchain works (mining, P2P technique, and cryptography)
  • The six specific properties of a blockchain
  • Blockchains and cryptocurrencies
  • The bitcoin, the tip of the blockchain iceberg
  • A broad overview of the possibilities
  • Multiple specific cases
  • Applying this new technology within your organization

With a practical case, you will also get started with blockchain yourself.