Blockchain Deep Dive

Immerse yourself in the world of blockchain technology. For three days we will go deep into technology with major social consequences. Based on scientific models (theoretically, economically, and mathematically), we place it in the (socio-) economic and socio-social context.

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This training

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After the training, you are familiar with how you can implement blockchain on a strategic, tactical, and operational level within your organization and organisational-chain.

For everyone who…

  • Is looking for in-depth analysis of all aspects of blockchain
  • Wants an overview of the basic principles, to have a correct starting point, and thorough in-depth knowledge of all aspects
  • Wants to get presented useful use cases
  • Wants space to ask the questions they want to ask
  • Has plans with blockchain

For (senior) management, business developers, business analysts, and consultants.

During three intensive days we will discuss:

  • How blockchain works (Mining, P2P distribution
  • Asynchronous cryptography, Hashing, Nodes, etc.)
  • The properties of (public and private) blockchains
  • Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and their impact on the financial sector
  • Various blockchains, how they work, and for what purpose they have been developed
  • This is dealt with through various use cases.
  • The possibilities (and risks) of programming on the blockchain
  • Smart Contracts en Distributed Autonomous Organisations
  • Identity on the blockchain
  • Geopolitical aspects and regulation
  • Organizational impact and implementation
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