Blockchain Business Foundation

Blockchain has the promise to have at least as great an impact on the world as the internet. It changes, disrupts, and improves all kinds of business models and processes. With this course, we focus on blockchain technology and the impact on companies.

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This training

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After the training, you have a good idea of the various complications that blockchain entails. We deep-dive into smart contracts, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), permission ledgers and, place blockchain in a legal context.

For people interested in blockchain in a business process context. People interested in investments, legal aspects, automation, and the implementation of technology within companies. For everyone who directly deals with blockchain within his organization.

During an intensive day we will go into:

  • Blockchain platforms
  • Legal implications when using Blockchain
  • Smart Contract, platforms, and languages
  • Limitations of Smart Contracts
  • Special Smart Contracts: ICOs
  • Do I need a blockchain?

With a specific use case, you will also get started with blockchain yourself.