Xurux Intern publishes paper at AMCIS 2018

In February, Ruben Post completed his research internship at Xurux. His internship was to identify factors that influence the adoption of blockchain technology within organizations. His research is of such quality that it was published at AMCIS 2018. In this blog, Ruben Post shares his experiences as a research trainee at Xurux and in a following blog, a shortened version of his Paper.

Internship at Xurux

In August 2017 I started my research internship at Xurux. Xurux was a conscious choice. During introductory talks, their enthusiastic first reaction to my research proposal and their pragmatic approach appealed to me. They expressed appreciation that I had asked them for an assisting role during my research. This role was found to be the key factor in successfully completing my research.

Xurux is a dynamic organization. During my internship, there was never a time that all colleagues were in at the same time. Exceptions are the monthly shareholders’ meetings. This was not necessarily negative. It gave me a fundamentally different work experience than I had before. My previous employers were either international companies, where most of my colleagues were in neatly arranged “cubicles” and went to lunch at the same time or SME-sized businesses with the same culture. Different organizations work in different ways to achieve their desired result.

Once I got used to my new work environment, I started my research. I wrote my project proposal together with Xurux and my supervisor, Koen Smit, and came up with the following research question: “Which factors currently play a role in the adoption of blockchain within organizations?” This question immediately showed that my initial proposal (a quantitative study) would not suffice for a subject such as blockchain. A qualitative study was more suitable. So I started interviewing experienced blockchain experts. This is where the supporting role of Xurux proved to be a success factor.

Because a reliable study must be based on a sufficient number of interviews with reliable experts, the first goal was 15 interviews. The participants were selected on the basis of their current work, previous work experiences, and their estimated knowledge of blockchain technology. Because the technology is still young, it is difficult to find experts who want or can make some free time to speak with me. Fortunately, I was able to use the large network of Xurux, supplemented with the contacts I made during meetups. In the end, I was able to interview 18 people within a period of 4 months (September 2017 to December 2017). This incredible number would not have been possible without the help of Xurux.

Due to the different functions of the interviewee, the interviews provided insights into a large number of industries at different levels. I found it interesting to meet all these people and to hear their opinions, questions, and solutions. I would, therefore, like to thank all interviewees. It was a real pleasure to interview you all. Each participant will receive a full version of the report as soon as it is completed. For other interested parties in the report, a summary of the results will be published in my next blog.