Track & Trace computers to Indonesia with blockchain – The shipment

Rationale: Xurux is involved in social issues and wants to contribute to a better world. Xurux is curious and learns by experimenting. By combining our own projects with societal challenges, we learn.

Last week the computers were packed and prepared for shipment. Because this is a special shipment, where at the end of the chain someone has to prove that the computers are there, we use a well-known contact person in Bali. The final recipient has to be aware that they should scan the NFC-ship, thus confirming to us that they have received the computers. Of course, this is not an ideal situation. But due to the current maturity of this technology, is it not a done deal that a random recipient will use it properly.

We send our computers with an Indonesian transport company in a container to Bali. First to Depasar, only to be sent to our contact in Karangasem. The first hurdle is to make our intentions clearn: We want to send 9 computers to Donald in Karangasem. I call the transport company and I immediately realize that I have a local from Indonesia. With a very friendly, but difficult to follow, woman I discuss what I would like. To make the story extra clear, I send a picture of the packed palette to her. I tell her that there are 9 computers packed on a pallet and ask how this works.

The friendly lady responds cheerfully to my questions and tells me that she would like to come and pick them up. From what I understand, she would take on the entire shipment. They want to collect the computers on May 12, in Utrecht.

The collection of the computers

The computers will be picked up on May 12, a Saturday morning. The lady and her partner do a monthly tour through the Netherlands to collect shipments and then send it to Denpasar in one go. Our computers will join this shipment. With a handy handcart, the computers are carried inside of the truck.

“Where are the other pallets?” Asks the woman. I do not fully understand the question and ask her what she means. “The other pallets?” Apparently, our communication did not go as well as I thought it had. Once again I try to make clear to her that this is the entire shipment and that there are 9 computers in this package. Now I also start to understand why the bill is on the high side: € 990,- for sending 9 computers in a container that takes weeks. Due to the difficult communication, there was a misunderstanding about the size of the shipment, the woman arrived in too big a truck and we paid too much. We could send another 8 pallets…

After the computers have been properly fixed inside of the truck, they close up. Everyone gets in and they drive away… Now it is no longer in our hands and we can no longer adjust if something goes wrong. We now depend on the information that comes in through the Recheck app.

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Note: We are aware that a lot of things can go wrong when sending a palette of computers to Bali. Think, for example, of border controls, where the container where they go must be unpacked and one is lost. Theft or corruption also belong to the spectrum possibilities. Blockchain does not provide a solution to these challenges. In the following weeks, we will keep you informed of the status of the project.