Track & Trace computers to Indonesia with blockchain – Status unknown

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A few weeks after we sent the computers, we are still anxiously waiting until our local contact person confirms to have received the computers. In this third part: the great silence.

After not receiving a message for three weeks, I decided to call for a change, just to get a status update on the shipment. The computers are not tracked by GPS, so we cannot see where they are at the moment. The friendly woman I spoke to earlier makes it clear to me that the computers are still in Den Bosch. Because there are eight pallets less than originally thought, it takes a little longer before there are enough items to send. There appears to be a minimum of pallets required to send out the shipment. I say: “I understand”, and wait until there is more news.

GPS as a welcome addition

I have no idea where my shipment is at and are am therefore completely dependent on the people in the supply chain. These intermediaries are not part of the project and therefore do not know that the computers contain an NFC chip. For practical reasons, we have chosen to scan the computers only at the time of shipment (proof of shipment) and upon arrival (proof of receipt). In normal logistic processes, of which you control the entire chain, the intermediate steps can be followed much more accurately. A number of other projects have already been carried out in which the entire chain has been controlled and packaged products have been shipped using blockchain. Examples are a coconut, grapes, coffee and, line caught fishes.

In this case, it concerns computers that I no longer need, which means that it is particularly annoying for the receiving party if they would not arrive. A GPS tracker would be a welcome addition. For now, I will leave it at that there is just little information available.

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Note: We are aware that a lot of things can go wrong when sending a palette of computers to Bali. Think, for example, of border controls, where the container where they go must be unpacked and one is lost. Theft or corruption also belong to the spectrum possibilities. Blockchain does not provide a solution to these challenges. In the following weeks, we will keep you informed of the status of the project.