Start feasibility study: blockchain and personal data

In mid-October, Xurux Solutions won the SBIR subsidy application for the Data landscape. This means that in the coming period, we will investigate what is needed to provide citizens with more insight into what happens with their personal data using blockchain.

When you buy a house, take out a subscription, or otherwise come into contact with an arbitrary authority, it appears that the parties involved know a lot more about you than you expected. How does this happen? What else do they know? And what do they do with that data? Or when you request information about yourself, it turns out that without your knowledge it has been changed and is now incorrect… Who did that? And who else can access your data? Sometimes this is very privacy-sensitive information, which you certainly do not want to be public.

Xurux has answers to all these questions with the submitted proposal: “LOGDAT”. A budget has been made available to investigate the feasibility of LOGDAT.
LOGDAT is a portal that provides citizens with blockchain insight into who has done what with their data at what time. Citizens can approach LOGDAT for simple insight, but also for adjustments or even removal of certain data. LOGDAT captures everything that happens with the data in the blockchain. This way, a timeline of consultations and changes is unambiguously recorded using a timestamp. This way, blockchain helps to protect the data of citizens.

In the coming period, the submitted proposal will be tested for feasibility. To this end, in consultation with all stakeholders, it is explored which interests are involved and the technical feasibility is examined. The feasibility study will be completed on 31 March with the delivery of a report. If it turns out that the concept is feasible, phase 2 follows: the realization.