Blockchain is the big promise when it comes to making (business) processes more efficient and transparent. Do you have challenges within your company and do you have the idea that blockchain technology could be a solution, but don’t you know exactly how?

Ask your question and get instant reply. The blockchain consultants of Xurux and developers of ISSD are ready to answer your questions. On 13 September, call the blockchain hotline between 10.00 and 11.00 hours: 085 – 210 33 82. Sign up via the contact form and get answers to your questions.

What questions do we answer?

The question hour is meant for questions that go beyond the one-minute movies you can find yourself on the Internet or the information you can get from the pleasing booklet ‘ Blockchain for Dummies, ISBN10:1119365597 ‘. This question hour is meant to get targeted answers to your questions. Questions related to your processes, your organization, or the chain of partners you work with. We are happy to help you!

The national blockchain question hour is powered by ISSD and Xurux

We wish you many educational moments

Rene Londeman (ISSD)
Sander Grootendorst (Xurux)