Xurux unveils blockchain platform for fundraising.

During a festive evening, Stichting Oasebos unveiled its new platform for fundraising. The platform is developed by Xurux and operates on the basis of blockchain technology.

Together with participants and sympathizers Stichting Oasebos celebrated that they existed for 15 years. A great opportunity to dwell on the past, the present and the future of the foundation.

Oasebos is an initiative that was set up 15 years ago by Arthur van der Linden. Together with its participants, the foundation buys rain forest, to leave it alone and to protect it. At present, Oasebos and its participants possess over 200 hectares of rainforest in Costa Rica, divided into 4 areas.

This image shows the four areas in which you can participate in Oasebos


Last year, Xurux developed a blockchain platform for fundraising. The new platform is first made available to Oasebos. Blockchain makes it possible to digitalize rainforest. We call this tokenizen. In short, tokenization is the division of physical cases into an X number of unique digital tokens, registered on a blockchain. As a participant you actually own the digital counterpart of the piece of rainforest.

The present participants received a demonstration of the platform during the evening. After a short explanation of what tokenization is, and how Oasebos uses this to digitize pieces of rain forest, on behalf of Xurux, Justin Schlee, showed that interested parties can now easily participate more easily in the purchase and protection of rain forest.

Participation becomes more accessible

At the moment, participating in the purchase of rainforest is a time-consuming, manual job. Participation is therefore possible from half a hectare, (€1450,-). The new platform makes this possible from €250,-. The lower entry threshold makes it possible for a larger group of people to join Oasebos, allowing us to protect even more rainforests together.

At the time of writing, the platform is in the final test phase. This coming month will actually go live on the website of Oasebos. Besides the tokenization of rainforest, the platform offers the possibility to transform all unique physical resources into a digital counterpart. For example think of concert tickets or the key of a car. In addition, the platform is also available for other organisations.

Download the presentation (Dutch)