Blockchain is coming. What does this mean for organizations?

Bitcoin is going through the roof. Economists are falling head over heels to have their opinions be the one that matters. Is it a bubble or the end of an era? It is certain that something big is about to happen. But what? That is the question.

The development of every new technology brings opportunities, challenges, and complications. One these new developments is blockchain, which is said to be as far away as the internet in the 90s. Now that we know how this technology works, it is time to look at the possible applications and implications. The expected impact on sectors such as healthcare, logistics, and the financial sector is enormous. In an interview with and, Willem Jan smits (our partner for legal affairs) explains for which sectors blockchain is interesting.

To give broad insight into the possible consequences of blockchain, Xurux Academy and the blockchain team of Holla Advocaten have joined forces. They come together in the course “Blockchain, Next Level“. A one-day course for people who want a deeper and broader knowledge about blockchain. For example, the new way of investing via a blockchain (ICOs), Permissioned Ledgers, and Smart contracts are discussed. These topics are theoretically and practically discussed and placed in the legal context.

In the coming years, much will change in the way companies do business with each other. Xurux Academy and Holla Advocaten are convinced that companies can better prepare themselves for the changes that are on their way and are trying to cater to the market through this course.